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While it might not look so important from the surface; to have accurate, well-defined and timely-updated product content is extremely crucial for any online business. In many cases, buyers take a decision to purchase a product or service based on the sole information he gets from an e-catalog.

As, for buyers to compare products available on the marketplace or in the e-catalog is fairly easy task, If you do not furnish product specification with required and adequate information, chances are you might loose a potential trade to one of your competitors.

Here are a few mistakes that the suppliers make while inserting their product or service information in the e-catalog:
  • Choosing wrong subcategory: Although Rusbiz E-catalog offers a ten-digit, five-level logical hierarchy for organizing products and services, still many suppliers have difficulties in finding the right subcategory for their products and services. This mostly happens due to lack of experience in the use of structured data base.
  • Insufficient product information: If you check supplier’s catalogs thoroughly, you will be surprised to see, how many times the product specification lacks key information. Often, while creating their catalogs, suppliers don’t prepare all data necessary beforehand. This results missing of important information of the product or services.
  • Hazy pictures: Product pictures are important because quality visual presentation helps buyer to take faster purchasing decision. Unfortunately, not all suppliers understand the significance of high-quality product pictures.
Rusbiz provides a unique service of suppliers catalog aggregation to Rusbiz E-catalog. Data on the product or services required to be converted to digital format and aggregated to the e-catalog can be delivered to Rusbiz office in any form.

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