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Things have changed dramatically in last couple of years! Having a well-designed and slick website is no longer just a matter of prestige. If your company does not have a high quality website, inadvertently you are seriously damaging your company image! Most of the buyers today even if they find your company name in Yellow Pages or any other sources first thing what they do is check out your company site. Studies show that before making a major purchase over 70 percent of web users make their initial research over the Internet.

Websites are no longer just couple of pages with narrative information! A sophisticated website, these days, can be a combination of virtual office, product show room, trade center, storefront; and may work as primary face of you company.

A robust, elegant-looking, feature-filled website can bring tremendous value to your company. The benefits include:

Better company image
Increase sales
Better customer satisfaction
Faster reaction to customers need
Enhance market

With Rusbiz membership you have options to build great sites with a number of outstanding features with the help of easy-to-use site builder. With following features:

Site Hosting As a sub-domain of Rusbiz
Sub-domain Name http://
Customer Database Integrated to Rusbiz companies directory
Catalog Manager Add product to your catalog, which is a part of Rusbiz E-catalog
Tax Calculation With billing system
Integrated Shopping Cart Free shopping card included
Home Page From templates
Company News Simple editor to add news and information to this page
Products Depending on your membership add up to 500 products
Contact Information Page Feed back page
Services Add other services that your company provides
Employee Bios Give a human face to your site
Business Relationships Add information on your partner companies
Surveys Conduct online visitors´ surveys to better understand your customers
FAQ pages Create a knowledge base of frequently asked questions.

You can also order custom-made website specifically designed to your need.

We use PHP, MySQL and other advance internet technologies to build your site.

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For more complex features contact us for a quote.

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